First Crush Feels

Reagan Dolan

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January 10, 2020
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Remembering your first crush is easy. Whether you were six or sixteen, that first flutter or red-faced moment is tucked into a special place in our memories.

In third grade, junior Gracie Weeks experienced her first crush. “I can recall I asked him for a pencil, and after he gave me one, I began to have a huge crush on him,” Weeks said. “I was also terrible at keeping secrets, and within a few days everyone knew who I liked.”

Sydney Morris (11) remembers her experience well.  “During religion class, my crush and I had to demonstrate a wedding ceremony,” Morris said. The next day they brought treats to class for their reception. “It’s been remembered by many people in that class, even today,” Morris said. “It’s definitely something I’ll never forget.”

I was also terrible at keeping secrets, and within a few days everyone knew who I liked.

— Gracie Weeks

Others, however, don’t vividly remember how their first crush came about. “I think one of my friends shared that he liked a girl, so we all started liking her too,” Reily Dolan (10) said. “All of us just followed suit. It’s kind of funny looking back.”

Whether old memories are vivid, or a struggle to recall, most can agree on why they began liking their first crush.

“She was really really cute,” Chad Bishop (11) said. “That’s probably what most people would say when thinking about their first crush.”

Although a crush can be embarrassing at first, many people grow out of it. “It’s funny looking back. Having your first crush is such a big deal,” Morris said, “but now it’s just a joke we talk about when my friends and I share old memories.”

Not only do people grow out of the first crush, but they also leave behind the awkwardness.

“My first crush and I were so embarrassed about each other, but now we laugh about it. We are such good friends, it’s weird to see how much we’ve grown from then,” Bishop said.