Prom Trends

Students share what they plan on wearing to this year’s upcoming prom


Alexis McTaggart (12) poses in her purchased dress from Brides and Weddings in Manchester.

Carlee Smith, Staff

With the 2022 prom season quickly approaching, students are patiently waiting for the big day: April 30. Taking care of the final touches such as shoes, makeup, hair, and flowers, trends are being established along the way.

Prom dress trends fluctuate yearly, ranging from color, texture, cuts, and fits. According to “Fashionable You: 2022 Prom Trends,” this year’s prom dresses consist mainly of fitted styles, bright colors, feathers, single-shoulder, and leg slits. Students at West Delaware embrace these trends.

Brides and Weddings, a dress store located in Manchester, seems to be a hotspot for dress purchasing.

“We love to see the girls choose dresses they feel confident in,” co-owner Jill Carpenter said. “Brighter colors and form-fitting styles seemed to be a trend this year. Also, black and red dresses are top colors again, as they almost always are. We typically sell about 75 plus dresses. This includes many surrounding area schools.”

Junior Paetyn Welcher is attending prom this year with a sequined, neon dress.

“I think one of the main trends for dresses this year is the one-shoulder strap,” Welcher said. “I bought my dress at Brides and Weddings in Manchester.”

Alexis McTaggart (12) also purchased her dress at Brides and Weddings, her mother being a part-time owner.

“I spent about $350 on my prom dress this year, thanks to a little discount from my mom,” McTaggart said. “I paid for my own dress and just used the money I made from selling my prom dress last year. I’m wearing my hair up in a high ponytail to keep it off my shoulders.”

Tux styles for this year are slim fit, black shirts, matching suspenders, paisley coats in multiple colors, bowties, and flashy shoes. 

Senior Raub Loecke plans to attend prom with a patterned tux jacket.

“I picked out my tux with the help of my mom and girlfriend,” Loecke said. “It’s gray and black, and I plan on wearing a bowtie too.”

A varietal display of prom attire will be shown at this year’s prom. Students put lots of time and effort into their final prom appearance.

“I’m looking forward to dressing up,” Laney Robinson (12) said. “I can’t wait to see everyone’s dresses and looks.”