Get Your Grab-n-Go

Shirley Mangold packs grab-n-go lunches at the Greeley Fire Station. The last week of April, 530 meals were distributed at this location.

Molly Mullis, Staff

May 15, 2020

Response to COVID-19

Response to COVID-19

Akaya Holz, Staff

May 13, 2020

Spring Newspaper Contest Results

May 11, 2020

Thirteen entries received honors in the IHSPA Spring Newspaper Contest. First place honors went to Anna Werner (12) for her feature story, Gavin Drees (11) for his multimedia news story, and to Reagan Dolan (12) for her slides...

In order to raise awareness for mental health, juniors Grace Johnson and Melanie Loughren advertise their social media account. They currently have 318 followers on Instagram.


March 2, 2020

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