On the Waverly football field, Logan Peyton (10) leads Haze Seibert (9) through the defenders. These two players made up for most of the Hawks
Overcoming Quarantine
Sawyer Falck, Staff

With eight players in quarantine, the West Delaware Hawks’ sophomore football team beat the Waverly Go-Hawks, 14-6, on Friday, Sept. 30. The Waverly vs. West Delaware game had been a close game the year before.  Rather...

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Lexi Moyle
Paetyn Welcher, Staff

What is your favorite part about this pandemic?      Getting to stay home with my dogs, sleep in, and play Fortnite with my friends. What is the worst part about this pandemic?      The worst part was staying...

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Chloe Peyton
Gracie Robinson, Staff

What is the worst part about wearing a mask? The worst part about wearing a mask is that it gets hot, and I can’t hear that well when people are talking. What is the best part of social distancing? The best part...

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Get to know our Staff!
Alyssa Peterson
Kylinne Meyers, Staff • September 22, 2020

How have you stayed active during COVID?       I have taken many walks with my dog. I have also eaten very healthy over the last five or so months.  What’s the best thing about wearing a mask...

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Graduate Ceremony for 2020 Continues
How to Stay Safe When Buying Your Groceries
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