Fighting Mental Health With Yoga

Sophomore Addison Burger uses yoga as a release for her mental health.

Susie Funke, Staff

Mental health. 

This struggle has become all too familiar in our world today. For Addison Burger, a sophomore at West Delaware High School, participating in yoga classes has been her escape from her mental health struggles. 

“About a year ago I was struggling with mental health issues, and I decided to try something new,” Burger said. “I went to take a warm, slow flow class at the Yoga Nook.”

Burger says the classes are both physically and mentally challenging and take time to master the intricate poses. 

“Physically, the classes are hard,” Burger said. “My arms got stronger. It helps my balance, and I am getting to know my body and what feels right and wrong in different poses.”

Aside from the physical benefits, Burger enjoys the mental side of yoga just as much. 

“Mentally, I have become very mindful of myself,” Burger said. “Doing different poses that are really hard has made me stronger mentally of not giving up.” 

Burger’s love for yoga has flourished, and she can see the strides she has made. During her first class, she walked in not knowing what she was doing. By her fifth, she was impressed with her progress. 

“I felt free and different after,” Burger said. “I felt like I could do anything. I could accomplish anything I wanted to.”

Without yoga in her life, Burger feels like she would be living her life without a sense of direction. 

“I wouldn’t be playing softball, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today, and I wouldn’t be as mindful,” Burger said. “It changed my life.”