Where’s Gary Lubben?

Students never need to wonder because…


Maddie Hogan

Technology specialist Gary Lubben prepares to launch a toilet paper roll in a game of TP Dodgeball during the Homecoming Olympics last fall.

Maddie Hogan, Staff

Every day, at approximately 1:15 p.m. in the library, you can hear technology specialist, Gary Lubben, making a high-pitched screeching noise to signal that third hour is over.
Lubben has worked for the school since 2008 and for the last four years has been the “bell” since the school stopped using them. It “drives (him) nuts that there is no bell.”
Immediately after the “bell” sounds, Lubben makes his way into the hall with teacher Jennie Voss where they greet students with “have a great fourth hour” together.
“We started ‘Have a great fourth hour’ because it was in the afternoon, so you couldn’t get by with saying good morning,” Voss said. “Saying good afternoon just sounded awkward, so we stuck to ‘have a great fourth hour.’”

I always have fun because I like making other people happy.

— Gary Lubben

Greeting students on their way to class isn’t the only way Lubben inserts himself into student life at West Delaware.
On Tuesday, Jan. 11, during the tornado drill, Lubben spun in the hall making “snownadoes.” Because of the snow on the ground, Lubben felt “there needed to be snownadoes for the tornado drill, so I was the snownado.”
Lubben was also seen last fall during the Homecoming Olympics where he joined in a game of TP Dodgeball.
“I felt the need to join in,” Lubben said. “It’s my nature.”Lubben likes making others happy at the expense of himself even if that comes with a price.
“(After TP Dodgeball) I couldn’t walk because my knee swelled up to twice its size,” he said. “It took two weeks to heal, but I had fun. I always have fun because I like making other people happy.”