Past Hawk Wrestlers Return to the Mat


Reagan Dolan, Photo Editor

They’re back!

On Saturday, Nov. 30, at 6 p.m. alumni will compete in the Alumni Dual held in Seedorff Gymnasium during the annual Meet the Wrestlers event.

The dual is open to all Hawk alumni wrestlers. Head Coach Jeff Voss welcomes anyone interested in watching the dual to attend the event. “It will be very interesting to see old Hawks come back and wrestle again,” Voss said.

Some of the matchups include brothers Brian Klaus (2003) and Mark Klaus (2000), classmates Connor Wickman (2014) and Beau Vaske (2014), and old friends Daniel Woods (2019) and Tristan Voelker (2018). 

Midway through the Alumni Dual, the Hawk wrestlers, coaches, administrative assistants, and cheerleaders will be introduced. Head Coach Jeff Voss will also discuss the upcoming season and give an overview of the West Delaware wrestling program

These opportunities are all about building memories and staying involved with the program.

— Brian Klaus

Daniel Woods believes this is a good remembrance of alumni wrestlers. “It’s awesome that so many guys are able to wrestle again where they first started,” Woods said.

High school wrestler Tyger Vaske is excited to see his family members participate in the dual. “I never thought I’d see my dad and brother wrestle each other competitively,” Vaske said. “This will be a really interesting event for my family to watch.”

Alumni Brian Klaus thinks the dual is a great idea. “Most people never get the chance to wrestle again after high school, and I think a lot of people miss it,” Klaus said. “The way West Delaware wrestling continues to evolve is incredible, and this just adds to it.”