Decorating Done Differently

An editorial on homecoming decorating and the changes


Wrapping a present for the Winter- themed hallway, sophomore Kylinne Meyers cuts off a piece of white paper at homecoming decorating.

Reagan Dolan, Photo Editor

The Friday before Homecoming—it’s the hype before one of the most exciting weeks of the school year. The entire student body joins together to decorate for the upcoming Homecoming week. Students decorate doors and hallways, paint class boards for the parade, and just enjoy free time to make the school look festive—but not this year. 

Principal Tim Felderman, Assistant Principal Matt Weis, and teacher Abby Osborne made the decision to not decorate during the school day this year. The school decorating was changed to the Saturday before Homecoming, and student council members, as well as any high school students, were encouraged to attend the decorating day.  I personally was unable to attend, even though I wanted to participate in the decorating, and I was not the only student who felt this way.

Many of my friends had other commitments, such as sporting events, work, or family things to attend that day. Saturday is an exceptionally busy day for me as well as many students, and because of that, not many students attended. Because the decorating was changed to the weekend, opportunities like board painting and the sidewalk decorating were not completed this year, which in turn made the school look less festive compared to previous years.

Homecoming week is an opportunity for past and present Hawks to come together and celebrate our school.

— Reagan Dolan

Now, fast forward to Homecoming week. Students enjoyed tons of excitement with the powder puff, car bash, coronation, parade, and other late-night activities. However, some of the excitement was missing.  As all of the students went through the motions of a typical Homecoming week, some excitement was missing.

I believe decorating the school is one of the most exciting traditions from Homecoming and should be done as a student body in the future. Homecoming week is an opportunity for past and present Hawks to come together and celebrate our school. To me, decorating the halls works best when we do it together.