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Wearing blue, over 100 students pose for a photo to show support.
Blue For Hunter Goodman
Lili Shappell, Staff • May 23, 2024
No backpacks will be allowed in classrooms beginning with the 2024-25 school year.
The Banning of Backpacks
Seth Goebel, Staff • May 21, 2024
Seth Jackson (11), Clark Morris (11), Levi Wilson-Bries (11), Christian Timmerman (11), and Nick Mensen (12) participate in state track.
Jumping for State Track
Lili Shappell, Staff • May 21, 2024
The cast of WDHA Radio performs their final scene.
WDHA Radio Takes Center Stage
Liz Sleper, Staff • April 5, 2024
Zach Wenger looks ahead during the state cross country meet, finishing the race with a 20:33.
Boredom Fuels Success
Liz Sleper, Staff • November 13, 2023
As a member of the panel, senior welding apprentice R.J. Helmrichs answers a question at the Work-based Learning Tour held at Henderson Products on Monday, Sept. 11.
Work Based Learning Tour
Keevan Hauschild, Staff • September 18, 2023
Memphis Voelker (9) grins as he walks up Lost Beach on Lake Delhi.
Shredding Through Summer
Lexi Harbach, Staff • March 21, 2022

Wordle or Connections?

Teacher Max Stoltz and Izzy Barrett (10) play Connections and Wordle.


Students and teachers debate on which “New York Times” game, Wordle or Connections, is a better game.

English Teacher Abigail Goldsmith loves Wordle. 

“It is a word puzzle, and I love it,” said Goldsmith. “I pick fun words until I see a pattern or enough green or yellow letters, and then I pick a sacrifice word to end the game and win.” 

She came across Wordle on Facebook.

“I was scrolling one day and came upon someone else’s post about winning the game,” Goldsmith said. “I just knew I needed to play.”

Math teacher Max Stoltz sees Wordle as a math problem. 

From the 26 letters of the alphabet, he chooses three words that contain 15 different letters, leaving 11 remaining letters of the alphabet. 

“If there are only a few that are green, you know there is a repeat. It is just like a math problem,” Stoltz said. 

He makes his next move after learning which letters are gray, yellow, and green. 

Although Stoltz enjoys Wordle, he prefers Connections. “I think Connections is more challenging. I came up with a system for Wordle, and so far Connection doesn’t have a system,” Stoltz said.

Sophomore Izzy Barrett said she saw the game and knew it would be addicting. Barrett said her favorite thing about Wordle is that there is a new one every day. 

Barrett, who has played Wordle every day since eighth grade, said, “I tend to become frustrated with Wordle and connections when I don’t win,” Barrett says. “I have to giggle when I catch myself getting irritated with a simple online game.” 

As much as LaRosa enjoys creating these games, she loves playing them. “I think Connections takes more critical thinking because in Wordle you can use the same starting words every day,” LaRosa said. 


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