For the Money, Not the Anxiety

Andrea Salow, Contents Editor

Not everyone was ecstatic for the Black Friday deals.

Walmart workers Tesia Manson (12) and Sydney Bliss (10) worked Thursday night, after worrying about the crowds and potential mayhem.

“I’d only been working since this July, so I was stressed and a little nervous,” Bliss said. “Luckily, our management gave us a little game plan beforehand.”

All the workers were divided into sections. Manson and Bliss, being under the age of 18, paired up with higher management for cashiering and monitoring people.

“My biggest fear was being trampled by people,” Manson said.

The crowds, much to their surprise, were very cooperative that weekend.

“There wasn’t too much fighting,” Bliss said. “There was a little bit of shoving here and there for the big items like the 50 inch TVs and video games though.”

The workers were relieved they didn’t have to pull apart anybody during their 5:30-10 p.m. shift.

“Once people got inside, it didn’t turn out to be that bad,” Bliss said.

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