West Delaware Warms up Winter


Ella Koloc

DelCo Best Students, Ella Koloc (12), Allie Demmer (11), and Keara Emerson (11) pose with five of their 20 blankets.

West Delaware students want to spread kindness, especially to the Good Neighbor Home.

DelCo Best students Ella Koloc (12), Keara Emerson (11), and Allie Demmer (11) decided to make tie blankets for the residents at the Good Neighbor Home. 

“We wanted to do something to make the residents at the Good Neighbor Home feel good about themselves and know that people are thinking about them,” Demmer said.

Koloc, a CNA at the Good Neighbor Home, reached out to Assistant Recreation Director Paris Schaul and asked for permission to complete this project. 

In order to fund their project, the group advertised around town.

“We made flyers about our project, went around to businesses, and posted it on Facebook. KMCH even put it on their website,” Emerson said. “We ended up raising $600.”

Teacher Abigail Goldsmith assists the group with whatever they need. “I helped edit the flyer that they sent out to the community,” Goldsmith said. “When they need fabric, I go buy fabric, but they make the blankets.”

Allie Demmer (11) works on cutting the tabs to make the tie blanket. (Helen Temeyer)

The group plans to continue making blankets until they use all of their funds. “We have made around 20 blankets, and think that will be about half,” Koloc said.

The Good Neighbor Society is grateful for the dedication to the project. “Being able to provide a soft, warm blanket for new people to our community and to those in need is such a blessing!” Schaul said. “There is nothing like a nice blanket to come home to!”