Hammer’s Time to Shine

Chloe Wilson, Staff

Most teenagers struggle to speak to a class of 20 students. However, Taylor Hammer (11) speaks to over ten thousand listeners two to three times a week.

Hammer announces and runs the soundboard for KMCH, a local radio station. She controls the audio for live events, plays commercials, and airs prerecorded events.

Moving to Iowa from Wisconsin two years ago, Hammer used her position at KMCH as an opportunity to submerge herself into the Manchester community. 

“I was nervous about moving here my freshman year. I was looking for jobs and activities to be involved in and working at a radio station seemed perfect,” Hammer said. 

Although Hammer began working for KMCH two years ago, she still makes occasional mistakes.

“One time I was reading off anniversaries live. I thought that they were birthdays and said, ‘Happy birthday!’ to everyone on the anniversary list,” Hammer said. 

Despite making mistakes, Hammer still loves her job. 

At her past school, one of Hammer’s teachers participated in radio broadcasting.

Hammer said, “He always made (radio broadcasting) seem so fun and really inspired me.” 

Working at KMCH, helped her transition into the community.

“Everyone at KMCH is like a big family,” Hammer said. “Being a part of the radio station, I got my name out in the community quickly.”

With her name in the community, Hammer began feeling more confident. 

“There is a lot of pressure and a lot going on at once,” Hammer said. “I just have to remember to breathe.” 

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