Hawk Personality Profile: Victoria Boeckenstedt


Janel Butler

Sophomore Victoria Boeckenstedt

Janel Butler, Staff

Do you prefer sweet or sour candy? Why?

     I prefer sour candy because it’s fun to make the sour faces.  

What’s your opinion on country music? Why?

     I’m okay with country because there’s some good songs that can get you moving, but there are some songs that are boring. I’m more of a pop-song kind of listener. 

What’s your favorite type of food? Why?

     My favorite type of food would have to be Chinese because I love sushi and crab rangoons.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

     My alarm clock.

What state do you wish you lived in?

    South Carolina.

Pandora or Spotify?


What’s your favorite movie? Why?

     The Twilight Series. I like it because it has very interesting mythical creatures and there’s romance in it and mystery.

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