West Delaware Welcomes Angga Putra

Angga Putra From Indonesia Experiences American Education


Hannah Recker

Angga Putra

Hannah Recker, Staff

Angga Putra is from Indonesia and he wanted to know more about America. He wanted to try something new. Putra started out with watching videos of other students and their experiences in America. From there he decided he wanted to be a foreign exchange student.

He found out there was a fully funded way that he could come to America called the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad program, which has helped him come to America.

Traveling to America was difficult. He said his plane ride took a while, and he struggled with the jet lag.

“P.E. is cool. I’ve never dealt with anything like it before,” Putra said. He is enjoying many of his new experiences in America. 

He has tried a lot of new foods in Iowa, but overall mac & cheese is his absolute favorite. 

Putra says he misses his parents and classmates. “My parents have a hard time. My mom called on my birthday, and she cried,” Putra said. “But the people are so nice, and I feel so welcomed.”

Some of his hobbies are playing the guitar, learning languages, and debating hard topics. Back home he is on the debate team, and he wishes there was one at West Delaware. 

“Everyone was saying stuff about cornfields, and when I came to Iowa, I was like wow,” Putra said. “We went to Backbone State Park and it feels like the only place with no corn.”

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