Terrific Trio Leads the Hawks


Janette Voss

Captain Macey Kleitsch (12), Kayla Felton (10), Sydney Morris (12), captain Ella Koloc (10), Carlee Smith (10), and captain Allison Collier (12) discuss their strategy for their next play during their game against Williamsburg.

Janette Voss
Captain Ella Koloc (10) digs a spike from CPU attacker.

A pat on the back vs. a glare across the court. Battling the other team vs. fighting with each other. Winning vs. losing. None of the patting, battling, or winning could be possible without the supreme leadership shown by this year’s captains: Macey Kleitsch (12), Ella Koloc (10) and Allison Collier (12).

Every year the West Delaware varsity volleyball team chooses three or four of their teammates, to be the captains for the upcoming season. This is Kleitsch’s third year being a captain and Koloc and Collier’s first. 

Kleitsch’s role on the team is to keep her teammates confident in themselves and in the team. She also excels at holding everyone accountable for their mistakes, so they can all improve as a team. 

“I’m usually pretty good at staying calm and relaxed,” Kleitsch said. “I’ve noticed my teammates during intense or crazy situations on the court. When we’re on the huddle, they calm down fairly quickly because of the little pep-talks we give each other mid-game.”

Kleitsch believes that without steadiness rolling throughout the team, their communication and confidence would get swallowed up by the craziness happening in the gym during games.

Janette Voss
Captain Allison Collier (12) celebrates with her teammates after a victorious point against Williamsburg.

Key-player Ella Koloc proves her leadership abilities by the excitement and encouragement she brings to every practice and game.

Koloc’s main role on the team is to pump them up before, during, and after the games.

“I’m always getting excited for the team,” Koloc said. “I try to keep everyone’s spirits high and help everyone have a positive mindset for the whole game.” 

Collier’s leadership strengths are explaining different drills and assisting anyone who is struggling to understand. 

“When we are in the middle of a hard drill and I can see someone not getting it,” Collier said, “I take a step back and try to explain it in a different and easier way for them to understand.”

The Hawks will make their way into the second round of regional play led by head coach Brett Mather and the leadership from captains Koloc, Kleitsch, and Collier.

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