Slamming Her Fears

Brown Participates in Poetry Slam


Annie Cassutt

For freshman Ke’Sharra Brown, speaking in front of large crowds does not come easily, so delivering five original poems in front of an audience was no easy feat.

On Feb. 17, Brown participated in a Poetry Slam at the Waterloo Center for the Arts.

Poetry and writing is something that Brown has always enjoyed, and it is a way for her to express herself.

Writing five poems proved difficult to Brown.

“It depends on how I feel,” Brown said. “When I sat down and thought about it, it was easier to write.”

Her favorite poem she wrote is titled “Dear Other People.”

“It’s about things people look at when they see me before they know me,” Brown said.

In order to prepare for the poetry event, Brown read her poems to her English teacher, Laura Gelwicks. When she felt ready, Brown also read her poems in front of her English class.

“The first time I read, they put their heads down because I was nervous, but on the day of the contest, I told them, ‘You can put your heads up today,’” Brown said.

At the contest, Brown said that her performance went fast, and she did not want it to end.

“The crowd was very supporting, and when I was nervous, they snapped,” said Brown. Finger snapping is a way to show support at poetry readings.  “During some of my poems, I had to stop because they were laughing at some of my jokes or snapping because I made a point.”

Despite being the youngest participant at the poetry contest, Brown received third place.

“I beat adults that have been doing it for years,” Brown said.

Brown is participating in another poetry reading at The Waterloo Center for the Arts in April.

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