Heavyweight With Heart

Junior heavyweight leaves his mark at the State Wrestling Tournament


Janette Voss

Cameron Guether (11) poses for the fans after his 7-4 decision over his second round opponent at the State Wrestling Tournament.

Carlee Smith, Staff

Junior Cameron Guether almost missed the train to a standout season after his grandfather passed a week prior to the season. 

“I wasn’t even sure that I would go out after that,” Geuther said concerning the loss of the man he lived with.  “But I eventually made the decision to do it.” 

As a result, Geuther earned sixth place at heavyweight at the Class 2A State Wrestling Tournament.

Mindset in wrestling is the biggest thing you need. I think you can be the strongest man in the world, but if you don’t have a good mindset, you won’t be good at wrestling.”

— Cameron Guether

After being a member of the junior varsity team the previous two years, the heavyweight completed his 2021-2022 varsity season with an individual record of 27-15, including 18 pins.

Guether attributed his success to attending the Big Game Wrestling Club in North Liberty during the offseason.

“I was at Folkstyle Nationals last year, and Big Game happened to be there,” Guether said. With the West Delaware coaching staff unable to attend, Guether didn’t have a coach. “People from Big Game came up to me with great advice,” Guether said. “I just knew that’s where I wanted to be after that.”

Struggling in the past with a positive mindset, the Big Game Wrestling Club helped Guether tremendously with confidence.

“Mindset in wrestling is the biggest thing you need,” Geuther said. “I think you can be the strongest man in the world, but if you don’t have a good mindset, you won’t be good at wrestling.”

Alongside the mental changes, Guether made some physical ones as well.

“I wouldn’t say I was the strongest person this year, but I think I was a lot quicker, and people couldn’t wrestle me for six minutes,” Guether said. 

Football coach Doug Winkowitsch introduced Guether to speed and agility training last spring. “I think that really helped too.”

His coaches noticed these changes in Geuther.

Cameron is being more intentional about his daily choices,” Head Coach Jeff Voss said. “He is responding to situations in a more positive way, and as a result, he’s seeing positive results in wrestling, school, and other aspects of his life.”  

“I just know that this spring and summer I need to get back to Big Game and see what I can do. I’m just gonna keep growing and wrestling.”