West Delaware and Beckman Bands Perform Together


Madelyn Hogan

West Delaware and Beckman pep band members play together on Dec. 17.

Adrian Swenka, Staff

On December 17, 90 West Delaware High School and Beckman Catholic pep band members played together during the West Delaware versus Beckman boys and girls basketball games.

Band directors Jonathan Green and Adam Denner combined the bands to get the bands to work together. To prepare, Green had his band practice the music with little delay in between music pieces.

“When we got there, it was crazy trying to get all our equipment in place,” Caleb Stocks (9) said. “Once we started playing it was a lot of fun.” 

Stocks pointed out that it was tough trying to sight read all of Beckman’s songs. After the performance, Stocks was told that the music had made a fun atmosphere.

Green ended up feeling good about the band’s performance at Beckmen and saw little error in the sound of the music.

“We performed great,” Green said. “If we had more time, we would have played more songs.”