Memories in Mugs


Prottay Roy Chowdhury

With the yellow Charlie Brown mug in his hand, Zachariah O’Rear grins at the camera.

Prottay Roy Chowdhury, Staff

While he sits in his chair and looks at the computer screen, it’s his vibrant yellow Charlie Brown coffee mug next to the keyboard that unmistakably catches everyone’s eyes. This is Zachariah O’Rear (11) in his Journalism class.

As a child, O’Rear inherited the habit of drinking coffee from his mother. He collected his first mug in fifth grade and added more to his inventory over the years. At present, he has a collection of six to seven mugs gathered from different parts of the country.

“When I go on trips, (if) I see a mug, I buy it,” O’Rear said. “I got the Charlie Brown mug in Ohio when we went over to Cedar Point.”

O’Rear’s personal favorite is a Black Rifle coffee mug from the Bass Pro Shops in Missouri. O’Rear finds its black color and simplistic design attractive.

 “I love the experience of coffee, and I love the mug that it comes in,” O’Rear said. “Its sentimental value just adds to the experience.”