Walking Across the Stage

Graduation to Take Place at Fairgrounds


Helen Temeyer

Madison Shontz receives her cap and gowns during homeroom.

Christian Nunley, Staff

West Delaware High School is planning a car procession leading to the graduation ceremonies, which will be held at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on May 29. 

The 10 a.m. ceremony will include the traditional speakers, musical performances, and conferring of diplomas. Seniors will be seated on the track while family members and friends will be seated in the grandstand. 

Students voted on their preference for the graduation location. Over 75% of students who voted chose to hold graduation outside, rather than inside. 

A week before the ceremony, administrators will make a final determination on the location of the ceremony based upon the weather forecast. If the forecast is not favorable for an outside ceremony, graduation will take place in Seedorff Gymnasium with each of the 128 seniors receiving four tickets, instead of eight tickets if the ceremony is outside. 

“I voted inside because the weather scared me, but I’m glad it was outside because we can have more people come for each person,” senior Camryn Borchardt said.

Senior Ava Hauser is happy about the decision as well. 

“I would be okay if it’s inside, but I would prefer for all my family to be able to come,” Hauser said. “If it was inside, only a few could come.” 

A car processional of decorated cars, carrying seniors and their families will begin at 9:15 a.m. from the high school back parking. 

Senior Emma Merkes is excited to have the processional. “The energy of last year’s processional was awesome, despite all of the bad stuff that was happening,” Merkes said. “This year, I can’t wait to ride in the procession in my dad’s custom-built trike.”

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