Student Council Hosts Food Drive for the Delaware Food Pantry


Jenna Philipp

West Delaware Student Council donates canned food and a check to Doug Robbins of the Delaware County Food Pantry. Front Row: Maddie Hoeger, Makayla Gasper, Isabella Kenellis; Back Row: Jacob Wenger, Natalie Kehrli, Doug Robbins, Morgan Collier, Anna Werner.

Macey Heim, Staff

The high school student council recently donated over 400 food items to the local food pantry along with a check for $1,060.

The student body collected over $310 along with the food items to donate to the Delaware County Food Pantry. A friendly competition was held between the first hour classes with teacher Jennie Voss’s class winning first place and teacher Jennifer Huehnergarth’s class winning second place. 

The student council members raised the remaining funds by selling Casey’s Donut Cards and working a concession stand in February.