Pandemic Musical

West Delaware presents “Into the Woods”

Macey Heim, Staff

West Delaware performed the musical “Into the Woods” Thursday, April 8, and Saturday, April 10, at 7:30 p.m. in the Hanson Auditorium. 

COVID-19 didn’t stop West Delaware from performing a spring musical. Off-stage performers and crew members wore masks while on stage performers did not wear masks due to the limited number of people on stage and the limited time on-stage. 

To abide by COVID-19 rules to keep everyone safe, only 350 people were allowed in the auditorium. 

“The crowd was much smaller due to the pandemic, and getting used to taking the mask on and off when performing was a learning process,” performer Laiken Blommers (12) said. “Since we were all pretty used to wearing the mask, it wasn’t hard to make the change.”