Opening the Races

Track Makes a Come Back


Jenna Philipp

Racing in the 3200 Medley Relay, Jack Smith (9) competes in the opening home meet. Smith placed third in the 3200 Medley relay and helped the team earn sixth in overall team points.

Christian Nunley, Staff

It has been a long wait. 

It all ended on March 13, 2020. 

Tracksters were devastated when the 2020 season ended before it began. They practiced for less than three weeks before the season was canceled due to COVID. 

Makayla Gasper (11) was looking forward to running last year. 

“When school was shut down and official practices stopped, all of us worked individually because we all had goals,” Gasper said. “Of course, I wanted to have my last race of the season on the blue oval like I did freshman year, but I wasn’t alone in this goal.”

Gasper said the whole team was disappointed that they wouldn’t get that chance. 

“You only get four years,” Gasper said, “and we are trying to make up for lost time this year with a new team that will go far.” 

Coach Doug Engel was disappointed at the abrupt ending to last year’s season.  “I felt bad for my senior girls who didn’t get the chance to compete for their final season,” Engel said.

Now after a year in the waiting, the boys’ and girls’ track seasons are up and running once again. 

At the first home meets of the year, the boys’ and girls’ teams both earned sixth place. 

Sawyer Falck (11) felt unprepared yet excited for the first meet. 

“It would’ve been really nice to have had last year and some experience,” Falck (10) said.