Making Tracks on Tractor Day

Adrian Swenka, Staff

FFA members finished off National Agriculture Week with big green and big red tractors on Fri., March 26. 

From snow to rain, weather conditions caused this date to change twice. Normally, Tractor Day takes place during FFA Week, which was Feb. 20-27. 

“During FFA Week, the roads were filled with snow,” FFA adviser Tammy Schnieders said. “The reason that it happened in March is because it was National Agriculture Week, and it felt right to do it then rather than on another day with snow.” 

Tractor Day was rescheduled to Wed., March 24, but due to forecasted rain, Schnieders moved the event to March 26.

Kaden Ryan (10) exits his John Deere tractor. On the hitch of his tractor, Ryan flew an American flag and a Trump 2020 flag. (Molly Mullis)

According to Trent Deutmeyer (10), about nine tractors met at E-Z Pickin’s that morning. There, the FFA members grabbed breakfast, and they all drove into town together.

Kaden Ryan (10) led the pack, followed by Mitch Krogmann (12). Both of their tractors toted American flags at the rear. 

A total of 12 tractors made the trip to West Delaware. 

Freshman Jack Smith poses next to his tractor. “I was up late at night washing my tractor,” Smith said. “The one thing I forgot to do was fill the tractor up, so when I started it in the morning, I realized it was almost empty. I had to fill it up and that took a long time, so I was late.” (Molly Mullis)
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