West Delaware FFA Saves Traditions

Students take COVID-19 precautions to still host FFA week traditions.

Jenna Philipp, Staff

The local Kwik Star helped the West Delaware FFA continue an FFA Week tradition.

The FFA officers served breakfast to the high school staff on Tuesday, Feb. 23. Staff had the option of a bagel, cream cheese, two doughnuts and a drink choice of white milk, chocolate milk or orange juice. 

Taking COVID-19 precautions, the students weren’t able to make their usual breakfast for the staff. 

I would rather have done the normal breakfast because we can get more FFA members involved, but with COVID-19 this was a good alternative”

— Kailee Kaiser

Kailee Kaiser, three-year member and chapter sentinel, enjoyed the change but misses making memories in the kitchen. 

West Delaware FFA was glad to find a way to keep the tradition. “I feel like all of us wanted it to be like it normally was,” Kaiser said. “It was good bonding time for the officers.”

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