Bowling Team Overcomes Season Setbacks


Kennedy Klostermann

Throwing a practice ball, Brooklyn Lambson (9) warms up before the meet against Maquoketa begins.

Grace Reth, Staff

In spite of the pandemic, the boys’ and girls’ bowling teams are doing well.

Masks and social distancing are now part of the daily practices and weekly meets. At bowling meets, the teams are now separate from each other rather than side by side on the lanes. 

The boys’ and girls’ varsity teams won their first meet against Monticello. The boys won by 17 pins with a total score of 3,003, and the girls won by 1,070 pins with a total score of 2,753. 

The two teams also won their second home meet against Maquoketa. The boys, leading by 133 pins, finished with a score of 2,741, and the girls won by a close 29 pins with a final score of 2,475.

So far, only the Prairie baker tournament, where the girls’ varsity took first place last year, has been cancelled due to social distancing guidelines. 

As a fourth year varsity bowler, Kaley Pettlon (12) bowls her frame of the team’s baker game. (Aleah)

As a fourth year varsity bowler, Kaley Pettlon (12) feels the tournament is important because it would have helped them figure out the best order for baker games. 

“I still feel good about our ability to find our baker order even without the tournament,” Pettlon said, “but we just have to bowl more baker games during practice and trust each other’s ability to be in any spot when necessary.”

 Head Coach Sue Morris feels the girls’ bowling team has a history of great bowling accomplishments. “What that brings to this year’s program is possibility and potential,” Morris said.

The West Delaware bowling teams will compete on Tuesday, Dec. 22 at Decorah.