Review: My Hero Academia


Jamie Gunter

My Hero Academia is an action series full of suspense and adventure.

Jamie Gunter, Staff

Japan, much like America, has thousands of comic series. Manga is the name for Japanese comic books or graphic novels, and most of them are aimed towards teenagers and young adults.

“My Hero Academia” is an ongoing manga series by the Japanese author Kohei Horikoshi. This series revolves around high school student Izuku Midoriya and his journey to becoming the number one hero. 

The series mostly takes place in the fictional city of Musutafu, Japan. In this city rests the prestigious school that goes by the name UA. Some of Japan’s top heroes in this series studied at UA, which is why it’s so well known around the world. 

Around 80 percent of the world has superpowers called quirks. Unfortunately, the other 20 percent does not. In this universe, people are essentially required to have a quirk if they want to be a successful hero.

One main conflict in the series is that Izuku and his classmates constantly get into trouble with some of the worst villains in Japan. However, despite the hardships, they always manage to find a way to either beat the villains or wiggle out of their grasp. 

While I was reading this, I noticed that the other classes in this school don’t get nearly as much recognition as Izuku’s. This is also another clear conflict. The other characters in this series actually point out that Izuku’s class gets to fight and show off their powers way more than they do.

“My Hero Academia” is mostly geared towards teenagers, as it has some pretty depressing topics and mild profanity. However, there are also happy and sappy topics as well. I personally know a lot of teens and young adults who enjoy reading these books and watching the show that animators are basing off of them.

I would definitely rate these books five stars out of five. The amount of suspense, real life issues, slight romance and action are more than enough to fulfill my need for a great book series. It’s often hard to predict what will happen next in these books, so it’s not hard to keep me on the edge of my seat.