Dreams Do Come True

West Delaware senior starts his own photography business.

Melanie Loughren, Staff

For most people a hobby just stays a hobby.

However, for senior Gavin Drees, his hobby turned out to be an opportunity to create a business. 

Drees’s photography journey all started when he took Journalism I with teacher Helen Temeyer. He enjoyed taking pictures for the yearbook, and when he received a Canon T6 camera for Christmas, he took it as a sign that he should pursue photography.

“I was really excited to be able to take pictures whenever I wanted,” Drees said. “I also wanted to have the skills to make them look professional.

Drees began his business, Pics with Drees, in September of 2020 in spite of his personal fears.

“I have a bit of background from Journalism, but other than that I just kinda go with the flow and do research on how to make a photo better and how to be a better photographer,” Drees said. “That’s one thing I would tell my beginner self: Do all the research you can, be ready to take that photo, and don’t be afraid to shoot a photo—no matter the circumstance.”

Drees not only had the support of his family, but his friends all pitched in too. 

“I really started off taking portraits of friends who wanted pictures that looked more professional than a phone camera,” Drees said. “I really enjoyed having that time with them and the new connections that we made through the photo shoot itself.” 

One of his first photo shoots was with senior Emma Merkes. “My experience with Gavin was amazing,” Merkes said. “He is a great photographer with a go-getter attitude. No matter what, he made sure I was happy with the pictures he was taking.”

Drees has turned a dream into reality all because of one small high school class. He encourages other students to do the same. 

“If you have a dream and can make it a reality, do it,” Drees said. “I never regret taking a leap of faith and starting my business. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”