Overcoming Quarantine

Sophomores Beat Waverly


Kennedy Klostermann

On the Waverly football field, Logan Peyton (10) leads Haze Seibert (9) through the defenders. These two players made up for most of the Hawks’ rushing yards.

Sawyer Falck, Staff

With eight players in quarantine, the West Delaware Hawks’ sophomore football team beat the Waverly Go-Hawks, 14-6, on Friday, Sept. 30.

The Waverly vs. West Delaware game had been a close game the year before. 

Rather than forfeit and end their undefeated run, the coach pulled up the entire freshman team to play even though they had just lost, 28-24, to Waverly the night before.

Sophomore Logan Africa said the team tried to remain positive that they would win. “We were all nervous because we had lost some star players,” Africa said.

The game consisted of many drives from both sides that remained scoreless. Both teams heavily counted on their rushing. 

Africa said it felt good that the freshmen helped out. “I will never forget Coach (Mark) Becker giving Logan Peyton a hug after we won,” Africa said.

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