Graduation Parties Change with COVID-19

Seniors begin planning safe and social graduation parties.

Carla Gomez, Contents Editor

Cake or cookies? 

Cheesy potatoes or Mac N’ Cheese?

Masks or hand sanitizer?

The class of 2020 had to consider many options when planning their graduation parties. Due to COVID-19, many seniors changed their party to ensure a safe gathering. 

Senior Joseph Burke made the decision to push his party back until Aug. 2. “(We are) hoping some restrictions are let up by then so we can have a normal party,” he said. 

Other seniors like Zachary Stratton and Parker Kluesner decided to keep the party as normal as they could, while also social distancing. 

“We are offering to-go boxes if anyone doesn’t feel comfortable staying,” Stratton said. 

Brooke Drabek made the decision to not have a graduation party at all. “We didn’t think that the restrictions would be lifted enough for us to feel safe.”

Graduate Miah Winkowitsch decided she would have a card party. 

“People can send me cards, gifts, and/or memories!” Winkowitsch said.

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