Chuong Garden Reopens Their Doors for Carryout


Akaya Holz, Staff

As Iowa restaurants reopen, local Chuong Garden opened their door once again on Wednesday, May 6. Chuong Garden is currently serving by carry-out only from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and due to the Coronavirus, changes were made to how they are operating. 

Owner Sean Tran installed plexiglass in the front doorway, creating a walk-up window at the entrance and thus limiting the number of customers inside. Tran is wary of the situation and wants to protect his staff as well as his customers.

Due to limited shipments from China, it has been difficult for Chuong Garden to get the supplies that they need. “We often find ourselves running out of boxes or other supplies that we need to serve the customers,” said manager Ginger Holz. “Towards the end of the week, before we could get another shipment in, we ended up using a different type of plastic container to put the food in. Another time, we ran out of our large paper bags, so we had to use multiple plastic ones for the orders.”

Since the restaurant has reopened, Chuong Garden has seen an increase in customers. “The phone is constantly ringing!” said Kaylee Osterhaus (11). 

Working during quarantine has its difficulties. The hardest part for Kylinne Meyers (10) is when they get so busy that they might accidentally forget something. However, according to Meyers, “The best part has been seeing people so happy that we are finally open again!”

Becca Farmer (11) states that “the hardest part would be coming up with a new system to serve all of our many customers in a somewhat timely fashion without allowing customers to actually come into our restaurant.” However, Farmer appreciates how understanding and kind the community is. “Although there are always going to be a few complaints, the majority of our customers are eager to support the restaurant during this time, even if they have to wait a while to get their carryout order,” Farmer said.

Employees sanitize after each customer and wear masks while helping them. At the end of the morning shift, as well as when they close, employees make sure to sanitize all counters, phones, and other places that have been used as well as the door handles and the pick-up window.