Cancellation of Spring Activities

Alissa Holtz, Staff

On April 17, kids around Iowa heard that schools were closing due to Covid-19. This also meant that all spring activities were cancelled.

Senior Hannah Dittrick was disappointed to hear about the cancellation of school and sports.

 “It would’ve been my senior soccer season, and I’ve really come to love the sport,” Dittrick said. “I will miss the chance to play one last time, but I’m glad I could end the sport playing with last year’s team.”

Heather Heims, junior, is heartbroken watching everyone miss a season of sports.

“It sucks seeing seniors not getting their last season and the people that only do spring sports don’t get a season at all,” Heims said.

Athlete William Halverson is motivated to get through not having sports and hopes other people are too.

“Having sports taken away from you like this makes you feel like you’ve just been robbed,”  Halverson said. “I know that I, and many other spring sport athletes, will use that feeling as motivation in the offseason to get better for next year.”

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