YADC Collects Stuffed Animals


Jean Resor

YADC Members: Front Row: Alison Deutmeyer, Madalyn Kann, Harper Blommers; Back Row: Chloe Thein, Alexis Rieken, Olivia Zirtzman.

Molly Mullis, Staff

The Youth Association for Disabled Citizens (YADC) is collecting stuffed animals for disabled citizens and abused children March 2-7.

All stuffed animals may be dropped off in the box inside the high school library.

After March 7, these animals will be taken to various sites to be distributed among kids and adults.

Senior Chloe Thein, YADC member, feels it’s important to help others. “If I were in their shoes. it would make me feel good receiving a stuffed animal,” Thein said.

Jean Resor advises YADC.

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