Students Develop Social Media Accounts To Raise Awareness of Mental Health


In order to raise awareness for mental health, juniors Grace Johnson and Melanie Loughren advertise their social media account. They currently have 318 followers on Instagram.

Akaya Holz, Staff

In October of 2019, two students, Grace Johnson and Melanie Loughren, created Instagram and Facebook accounts to raise awareness of mental health. @wdmentalhealth started as a project for their English III class, but it grew to be much more.

“Initially, we reached out to WD students, close friends, and some WD alumni, but gradually we’ve picked up comments and followers from all over the world, from Columbia to Australia to India,” Johnson says. “I’ve been able to talk to tons of people about mental health and the stigma through social media, including some in Spanish, which has been pretty cool.”

The account currently has 318 followers on Instagram. Melanie and Grace post inspirational quotes and experiences daily to raise awareness and to help those who may be suffering from a variety of mental illnesses.

According to Loughren, the purpose of the account is to “raise awareness of the mental health stigma, to talk about why it is so important, and to let people know that it’s okay.” 

“I believe we’ve been able to make a significant impact in the lives of others,” Johnson says. “We’ve received many uplifting comments, other accounts have reposted our content and we’ve also received many direct messages thanking us for our efforts. We’ve been able to talk to people in need, which has been fantastic.”

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