Hawk Personality Profile: Abbie Placke


Chloe Thein

Senior Abbie Placke

Chloe Thein, Staff

What is your favorite color?

      Pink because it’s very girly and also reminds me of springtime.

How does the color pink make you feel?

     Pink makes me feel dainty and carefree.

What’s your favorite season of the year?

      Fall because I love football season and the weather seems so perfect. The colors are also really pretty.

What is your favorite thing about senior year so far?

      My college imagination is starting to become reality really quick, and I’m getting excited to finally be done.

Out of all four years of high school, which was your best year and which was your worst? Why?

      Best is probably senior year. I’m having so much fun this year with all of my friends and there are so many new opportunities to be taken so seriously this year. My worst year was probably freshman year. I had a hard time adjusting to high school and had a lot of friend troubles, too. There was just a lot of stuff that went on at one time, and it was all so overwhelming.

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