Hard-Work, Patience and Detail Brushes

Five Delaware County Stem Best Students Apply New Paint to the Old Girls Locker Room


Anna Werner

Karsyn Welcher (11) paints the final touches on the new accent wall in the old girls locker room.

Anna Werner, Social Media Director

Five Delaware County Stem Best students decided it’s time for a color change. For at least 50 years, the old girls locker room has been non-school colors, blue and tan.

“I have always thought the old girls locker room was dull and boring,” said Karsyn Welcher (11), one of the painters. “We’re all hoping for a locker room that people actually enjoy being in—basically a brighter, nicer-looking locker room.”

Welcher came up with the project idea for the painting project, and she had hoped to be done before the term ended. 

Anna Werner
Working to perfect her painting skills, Carlee Smith (10) paints the designated accent wall.

“(The end of the term) is approaching fast, so my co-painters and I might have to extend the deadline and come in after school some days,” Welcher said. “I know that it will be worth the hard work when it’s done though!”

Welcher’s co-painters include Chloe Thein (12), Katie Crock (12), Ava Hauser (11) and Carlee Smith (10).

Many of the girls are learning that they have to paint inside the lines, particularly Smith.

“I learned that I’m not a pro painter, so making sure we don’t get paint where it’s not supposed to be is definitely my biggest challenge,” Smith said. “I really hope that people will actually enjoy walking into the old locker room a little more!” 

The girls’ painting project will be complete in the summer of 2020 when the lockers get painted to match the new wall colors.

“Other projects we could tackle is the old boys locker room and to get rid of the wood panels in the English hallway,” Hauser said. “There’s a lot of simple things future students could do to make the school look nicer and more cheerful!”

Anna Werner
Ava Hauser (11) paints up to the accent wall.

“I think this will be a big improvement in the school!” Principal Tim Felderman said. “I love the fact that kids are involved and I think that it’s great that students are involved in making a change around the school.”

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