Two Hands Make a Difference for Gabe Drinkwater

Incoming freshman, Gabe Drinkwater is a two handed bowler

Charles Rich, Staff

Charles Rich
Gabe Drinkwater is ready to practice as he holds his new bowling ball.

At Lightning Lanes, Gabe Drinkwater (9) steps up to the approach and takes his stance. He takes a deep breath and throws a strike. 

But it wasn’t always like this.

Drinkwater’s first day of practice was Nov. 11, but it didn’t go as he expected. “I was a little nervous because I thought I was going to be the only two-handed bowler and I had never bowled with a team before,” Drinkwater said.

In the first week of practice, Drinkwater shot multiple gutter balls, but he didn’t let that stop him. He constantly worked on timing, speed, and balance during and after practice. 

He was soon introduced to Hunter Cole (11), another two-handed bowler. They started to work together and Drinkwater began to understand how to release the ball more smoothly and hit his mark on the lane.

My ball is made to make it down the lane and hook almost at the last second.”

— Drinkwater

After a while, Drinkwater bought a new ball that fit his needs. “My ball is made to make it down the lane and hook almost at the last second,” Drinkwater said.

“I love the sound of the pins when you strike,” Drinkwater said. “It’s so loud and fills me with excitement every time.”

I love the sound of the pins when you strike.”

— Drinkwater

After weeks of practice, Drinkwater’s first bowling meet came up. “At my first bowling meet, I was nervous,” Drinkwater said. Drinkwater ended the night with a total of 326 points, a big difference from his 145 games when he started. 

Drinkwater is now averaging 319 each meet and has been on varsity for every game.