Gobbling With a Goal

Students Participate in Turkey Bingo

Grace Johnson, Contents Editor

The game, based off of traditional Bingo, includes an additional factor: when a Bingo is reached, students must run to the office with their card while shouting turkey noises. 

Students with a Bingo won either a T-shirt or candy.

The event excited newcomers and freshmen, such as Tyrus Werner (9), whose favorite part was “when they called a spot on my card, which didn’t happen a lot,” Werner said.

Tyger Vaske enjoyed participating. 

“I loved the experience of getting to run down the halls gobbling at the top of my lungs,” Vaske (11) said. “I got fruit snacks.” 

Along with other student council members, Aleah Heims (11) assisted in carrying out the activity. She said that they organized Turkey Bingo “to kind of lighten things up.” She believes it was worth the effort.