Kahoot! Meets West Delaware French Club

High School Students Celebrate French Week


Grace Johnson

Flags of French-speaking countries line the ceiling of world language teacher Marianne Sandberg’s room.

Grace Johnson, Contents Editor

Allons! (Let’s go!) 

During Nov. 4-8, West Delaware High School students celebrated French Week through various activities organized by the French Club.

Students participated on Monday in a Kahoot! led by Regan Recker (11) and Angga Putra (11) during B lunch. The 26-question Kahoot! informed students about the French culture and language in an entertaining way. 

French Club members placed papers on all the lunch tables with information about French culture and language, as well as the country of France. 

Additionally, information about the French language was posted in the school-wide announcements each day.

Teacher Marianne Sandberg believes that students grow in non-linguistic ways through learning French. Besides improving English skills, French “can be a gateway for learning more about history and music and painting and a wide variety of other topics.”

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