Laying Down Foundations in Masonry

Students meet local professionals to prepare for future professions.


Charles Rich

During masonry day, teacher Seth Harms teaches freshmen Alivia Shulte, Keara Emerson, and Riley Lee how to build walls and chimneys out of brick.

Building the path to their future—this is exactly what 18 students in Seth Harms’ Basic Carpentry class did on Oct. 18. 

The goal was to give students a chance to explore what it takes to be a bricklayer,” teacher Seth Harms said.

Justine Wegner, Austine Norburg, and Tom Norburg came from Seedorff Masonry to assist and supervise students as they built walls and chimneys out of brick.

Always fun to see their excitement.”

— Seth Harms

I wanted my students to experience what masonry day was like,” Harms said. “It is our job as instructors to give as many opportunities for students as possible.”

Harms has done this activity once in the past and hopes that this activity will continue in the future.

Students enjoyed the activity. “Laying brick was entertaining,” Cody Limkemann (11) said. “The guys who were there showed us the proper way to lay brick and how it should be done. They had fun with all of us that were there.”

Keara Emerson (9) also enjoyed this activity. “It was really fun to learn how to build something,” Emerson said.