A Life-Changing Homecoming

Students Enjoy Homecoming Random Act of Kindness


Sally Sue

Group of seniors getting homecoming pictures at Sherman's pumpkin patch. Front Row: Zach Fisher, Abigail Placke, Tamryn Washington, Hannah Dittrick, Kaleah Carter, Hailey Hellmann, Isabelle Willey, Isabella Maule; Row 2: Madison Lee, Macie Funke, Regan Dolan, Christopher LaRosa, Mason Gillihan, Tyler Traver, Sam Lyness, Jacob Georgen, Zachary Stratton, Chad Bishop, Joseph Burke, Kale Rempe, Samuel Loecke, Luke Farmer; row 3: Kaci Tutton, Parker Kluserner, Evan Woods, Clayton Haight; Back Row: Mitchell Ungs, Wyatt Thompson, Zachary Goebel, Jack Neuhaus, Benjamin Petlon.

Austyn Isaacs, Staff

A random act of kindness. A group of 28 students enjoyed just that after their homecoming dinner.

At the end of their meal at Breitbach’s Country Dining in Balltown, the group members asked for their bills. The waiter informed them that an older couple had paid for their meals that totaled to around $450.

The students don’t know who the couple was or any way to contact them. The kids want to thank the people who paid for their food.

Haley Hamm, one of the group members, said, “I think it really impacted me.” This good deed really surprised Hamm who was shocked to learn that a person none of the kids knew would pay for their food. It makes her happy to know that there are good people in this world.

Hamm said, “I think I will do something like this in the future so other people know there are good people as well.”

Hailey Hellmann (12), another group member, said she had never thought about doing a random act of kindness until it happened to her.

“It really made me think about doing something similar that is more in my comfort zone because I know how good it felt for all of us eating to have that person do something so random,” Hellmann said.

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