Squashing Hunger

Five Students Volunteer to Pick Squash


Helen Temeyer

Five students volunteer to pick squash and watermelons: Angga Putra (12), Zach O’Rear (9), James Nachtman (11), Alicia Nachtman (10), and Lauren Johnson (9).

Kailee Kaiser, Staff

Helen Temeyer
A few squash picked by the volunteers.

Volunteers picked around 30 pallet boxes of squash in addition to four pallet boxes of watermelons in less than two hours on a farm near Masonville on Sept. 28. All the squash and watermelons were donated to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank and are being distributed to surrounding food banks. 

Five students, Angga Putra (12), James Nachtman (11), Alicia Nachtman (10), Lauren Johnson (9) and Zachariah O’Rear (9), helped pick the two acres of produce.  

Volunteer Angga Putra (12) said, “I would rather be volunteering and helping others than playing video games or just sitting around.”