We Got Spirit, Yes We Do

Student Sections Stays a Staple in 2019 Fall Sports Season


Gavin Drees

Students charge the field decked out in neon on Sept. 6. The Hawks beat the Marion Indians with a win of 32-20 that night.

The term “home field advantage” means nothing without a strong, loud and proud student-section.

Athletic Director Matt Weis believes the fall 2019 sports season has produced some amazing student sections.

“The number of kids that come out to support, even if it’s a rainy football game or freezing cold, is amazing.”

Aleah Heims
In between sets two and three against DeWitt, the student section participated in a roller-coaster cheer led by Sam Lyness (12). The volleyball team beat DeWitt 25-7, 25-15, and 25-16, on Oct. 8.

The louder a student section gets, the more excited the volleyball team becomes with every point, especially in an intense and close game, such as the Beckman game.

“As a player, having a loud student section and a supportive atmosphere in the gym helps us with our energy on the court,” Sydney Morris (12) said.

According to Joe Burke (12), the energy that comes off a student section going crazy at home football games is huge.

“When a home student section is loud, it can throw a player from the other team off,” Burke said. “As a player, it can be really frustrating when it is an away game and their student section is so loud. You can’t focus, and it can feel like everyone is against you. When our section is loud at home, I know that they’re there for us, and they’re going to throw the other team off.”

Reagan Dolan
Parker Kluesner (12) runs the flag onto the field as the rest of the students rush it after a victory. The Hawks defeated the Decorah Vikings, 26-20, on Oct. 11.

Another way the student section keeps their energy up is throwing confetti at the kickoff.

“The addition of throwing confetti this year was a great idea,” Jadyn Werner (11) said. “It hypes everyone up, and we take that energy into our cheers.”

Parker Kluesner (12) took it upon himself to run the touchdown flag. Kluesner worked with Principal Tim Felderman on purchasing a new flag because the old one had several rips.

“It’s tricky to run the flag after a touchdown because there are adults walking, little kids messing around and the cheerleaders. You have to try not to smack any of them with the flag,” Kluesner said. “It’s a thrill of excitement, but it is also exhausting.