Salvaging the Worst Prom Ever


Janette Voss

A group of seniors and their dates pose for a group picture at Old 20 Auctions east of Manchester. The group ate a meal prepared by their parents at Bigfoot Ranch later in the day.

JoAnna Voss, Sports Editor

For months, we had planned. We set up hair, makeup, and nail appointments. We spent weekends on end finding the perfect dresses. We meticulously scheduled the day’s events minute by minute. We had planned the perfect Prom.

Then, our plans collapsed. The weatherman began predicting a day filled with snowfall, frigid temperatures, and strong winds. Everyone began worrying about how the weather would affect his or her plans. Is the wind going to mess up my hair? Will there be terrible lighting inside for pictures? Because of the forecast, we thought our senior Prom couldn’t get any worse. We were wrong.

The night before Prom, our party bus canceled on us. No more dancing and singing together before the night even began. No more eating in a fancy restaurant surrounded by our friends. The party bus is truly the best part of Prom, but this year we missed that experience. The worst Prom ever became even worse, but it would teach us a valuable lesson.

In the final hours before Prom, our special day was salvaged. Our parents saved Prom.

Janette Voss
Seniors JoAnna Voss and Tehya Demmer pose for a picture at Old 20 Auctions before heading to the Grand March. The Grand March was held in Hanson Auditorium and featured a Hollywood theme.

Mike and Meagan Loecke offered to share their auction house and ranch with us for the day’s activities. We wouldn’t need a bus to drive us through treacherous road conditions, and we wouldn’t need pricey reservations to empty our wallets.

We took pictures at Old 20 Auctions east of Manchester on 210th Street, safe from the sleet and snow. After the Grand March, we headed to Big Foot Ranch where we ate steak sandwiches and chicken prepared by our parents. After supper, we went to another group member’s house where we sang and danced until it was time to leave for the school sponsored dance. Then, the night continued as originally planned.

Our senior Prom could have easily turned into a disaster. Most groups would’ve given up and written the day off as a complete failure. Our group, however, truly enjoyed it. I would even go on record to say that it was the best Prom I’ve ever had.

Because of this crazy, unorganized experience, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. The weather may not cooperate. Reservations may be canceled. Everything may go wrong. But, if your attitude is in the right spot, none of those complications will matter. Why? Because you determine the outcome of an event. Your attitude determines your experience.