The Cadaver Lab


Paighton Lindauer

Student posed for a picture inside the new science building at Cornell College. Front Row: Darla Gaskill, Macie Funke, Madelyn Gray, Lacey Cole, Shea Putz, Alexis Scott, Chloe Thein; Back Row: Kamille Hawker, Macy Loecke, Amber Cook, Kennedy Niles, Hayley Cook, Nathan Bishop, Alexis Eike, Paighton Lindauer, Annika Sutter, Matthew Salas.

Paighton Lindauer, Staff

Fifteen anatomy and physiology students, three parents, and two teachers ventured to Cornell College in Mount Vernon for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Shea Putz, biology laboratory instructor, opened up her cadaver lab for the group to experience a real-life college opportunity. Wearing latex gloves and lab coats, students explored the anatomy of the cadaver.

“At first I wasn’t ready for the body to be there, but once it came out it, became real that I was actually doing this,” junior Kamille Hawker said. “Being able to see everything without the skin made it very interesting and a great learning experience.”

On the other hand, senior Macy Loecke’s experience was different.

“It was really hot in the lab, and after a while, the smell got to me,” Loecke said. “I started to feel sick. I had to step out to get some fresh air for a bit.”

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