Students and Staff participate in Ag Olympics

During the tug of war, seniors Olivia Neuzil, Emily Klostermann, Claire Demmer, Mitchel Mangold, and Ryan Phillips fight to beat the juniors. The seniors won the tug of war and were the overall ag olympic winners.

Reagan Dolan, Staff

FFA members hosted the Ag Olympics on Friday, March 15, in the upper gym of the high school after winter weather canceled the event last year.

FFA member Tehya Demmer (12) planned and prepared the games for the day. “I loved seeing the school come together to compete in so many funny and entertaining games,” Demmer said. “When we can engage the entire school in anything ag-related, it’s always something to be proud of.”

Students competed in ten games, including school favorites like the mud pie search, farmer relay, tug of war, and pedal tractor relay race.

During the farmer relay, freshman Wyatt Voelker raced to reach the doughnut and milk table and wiped out on spilled milk. “Competing against the other grades is always a fun thing,” Voelker said. “But when food is involved, it makes it so much easier to try and win.”

Teacher Brett Mather and activities director Matt Weis race on mini pedal tractors during the staff tractor race.

To end the day, a group of students participated in the tractor pedal relay race, followed by a race involving teachers. “It was hilarious watching Mr. Weis and Mr. Mather pedal against each other,” junior Miah Winkowistch said. “(Mr.) Mather barely pulled ahead of (Mr.) Weis just in time to win the race!”

“Hopefully, many of the same games return for the Ag Olympics next year,” Demmer said. “I’m excited for different students to take on leading the Ag Olympics next year and see what new games they can create!”