Solo and Ensemble

Students Perform at IHSMA Solo, Ensemble Competition


Carmen Grawe

Seniors Olivia Neuzil and Justin Grawe perform a duet at the Solo and Ensemble competition held at Independence high School.

Paighton Lindauer, Staff

On March 23, 124 students competed in 81 events at the IHSMA Solo and Ensemble Competition held at Independence High School.

Thirty-three events received Division I ratings and three events received Best of Center.

Best of Center is the judge’s pick of the most outstanding performers they heard all day. Soloist Justin Grawe, a women’s quartet, and a mixed triple quartet received this honor. Denise Cherry, Sheeley McMahon, Olivia Neuzil, and Grace Reiss sang in the women’s quartet. Cherry, Grawe, McMahon, Neuzil, and Reiss also sang in the mixed triple quartet along with Elijah Heims, Mikaila Neuzil, Ethan Opitz, Parker Ostrander, Grant Schnieders, Annika Sutter, and Ian Tibbott.

“It was pretty cool (receiving Best of Center) my senior year because my freshman year Solo and Ensemble was held at Independence too, but I received a two on my solo,” Grawe said. “It’s cool to see how much I have grown over the past four years.”

All Best of Centers will perform at the Outstanding Performers’ Showcase on May 8 at Iowa State University.

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