First Time Flying


Sabrina Welcher

Picture was taken from a boat in Negril, Jamaica.

Sabrina Welcher, Staff

The winter months seem to be a prime time for vacationing. That typically means going somewhere warm. It could also mean flying on an airplane for the very first time.

When sophomore Ava Hauser first flew on an airplane, it happened to be a puddle jumper with only three seats across.

“I puked quite a bit because I got motion sickness,” Hauser said. She felt bad for the people she was sitting with. “I tried not to puke, but I couldn’t hold it in,” Hauser said. Now, whenever she flies, she tries to fall asleep right away so she doesn’t get sick.

The first time senior Paighton Lindauer flew on a plane her ears plugged up. “It felt as if my entire head was clogged up,” Lindauer said. “I could hear myself talk and that was annoying.” Lindauer learned to chew gum when she flies so her ears pop.

Senior Hayley Cook had an awful experience flying. “My flight got delayed, and I had to stay overnight in an airport,” Cook said. Airport personnel provided her with a tiny blanket to sleep with.

“We either had to sleep on the ground or in one of the chairs and neither option was comfortable,” Cook said.

On the other hand, when senior Lauren Ryan flew on a plane for the first time, it had six seats across. “The airplane provided T.V. screens on the back of every chair,” Ryan said. “We were able to watch movies and play a bunch of games.”  The screens could connect to other screens on the plane, so people were able to play against each other.

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