New Year’s Resolution


JoAnna Voss

Some students work out in the weight room to meet their new year’s resolution.

Trace Rowley, Staff

For high school students, a new year means new goals. Many students plan to eat healthy or to work out. Others try to cut back on screen time and get more sleep.  

Health associate Elaine Gibbs believes many things go into making a New Year’s Resolution.

“First, students should make a plan to conquer their goal,” Gibbs said. “Students need to make a realistic goal for themselves and make sure they stay healthy while completing their goals.”

Next, Gibbs said they should talk to their doctor to make sure that their body is ready for change and see if they need to take any precautions.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight by eating healthy and working out three times a week,” Ashlee Vick (11) said.

“Many doctors will help them find the right workout program or diet that fits them best,” Gibbs said. “It’s very important not to over do it and take it slow.”

Another popular New Year’s Resolution is to cut down on TV and video games.

“I play Xbox for at least 20 hours a week, and I always have headaches,” said Brycen Messer (10). “My New Year’s Resolution is to cut down on gaming and go to bed earlier.”

Along with gaming, students spend several hours a day on their phones and computers.

Sophomore Erin Monaghan feels social media can be addicting. “An hour can go by in no time,” Monaghan said.

Junior Chloe Wilson chose to reduce her screen time.

“I’ve decided to minimize my screen time to socialize more with friends and family,” Wilson said.

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