Custodian Lisa Tutton Brightens More than Hallways


Tyler Salow

Tutton laughs as she mops the lunch line area before winter break.

Chloe Wilson, Staff

Lisa Tutton used to make Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Now, she maintains the high school building and is a friend to many students.

“(Becoming a custodian) was a big change,” Tutton said.

Tutton, a custodian for the past four years, said that her favorite part of her job is interacting with students.

“Whenever I feel bad, I always turn to Lisa,” senior Tyler Salow said. “We crack jokes and have a lot of fun.”

Tutton said that she really cares about students.

“There was one day I was super busy and didn’t get anything to eat, and Lisa offered me a Mountain Dew,” Salow said.

Not only does Tutton care about the students, but the students care about her also.

One time in September, musical students gave Tutton a surprise birthday party.

Salow lured her into the auditorium by telling her the musical director Duane Philgreen would not unlock a door he needed unlocked.

Without a thought, Tutton rushed to unlock the door.

She discovered that the door was already unlocked as she entered the auditorium.

To her surprise, all of the musical students were waiting for her.

Junior Kaleah Carter said, “Once she got into the auditorium, we all jumped out from our hiding spots.”

A Cinnecake with a candle in it waited for her on the stage. Once she entered the stage, music students sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

“I got my own birthday party,” Tutton said.

“Lisa cried after seeing her surprise birthday party,” Carter said.

Carter feels that Tutton was emotional because she realized that she meant as much to the students as the students meant to her.

Tutton said, “I love the students at West Delaware.”

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